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Everything we do is to raise awareness of the rising number of students in special education who drop out of high school. We believe in helping our students become autonomous learners and to find simple and effective ways to help every student learn. The way we do this is by offering personalized tutoring services in numerous academic subjects, help prepare children and adults for graduation, and offer assistance in job preparation.
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Academic Tutoring

FIRE Tutoring offers to tutor in English, mathematics, Social Science, and college readiness courses.


Services include preparing for high school and college graduation, job preparation, soft skills training, preparing for college, and travel/study abroad opportunities for college students, high school students, and adults.

Private Art Classes

The private art classes are in learning how to paint with acrylic and oil paint and using the medium, color pencil.

Our Process To Educational and Personal Success

  • 1. Teach

    Teaching academic information.

  • 2. Practice

    Constructing task-based learning activities.

  • 3. Play

    Enjoying educational games.

  • 4. Test

    Evaluating what was learned.


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    FIRE Tutoring started after the owner, Heather, overcame her reading disability in high school, graduated with honors, and learned the skills to help herself become successful. To share these skills, FIRE Tutoring started in July 2016 to help as many youth and adult become autonomous learners like Heather.
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    Meet The Team

    Our team works to help today's youth and adults become autonomous learners.

    Success starts with knowledge. Start today and learn how you can become an autonomous learner.

    Heather Schroeder
    Academic Tutor

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